Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Fixed Point Photography

The four seasons of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

One-year change with an animation!

Click the image which you want to look at, and you can watch the change of the selected image in the four seasons. It takes several seconds (7-8 seconds) to read image data. The scenes are worth seeing!


* Guide-Walk in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden *

@The second and the fourth Saturdays in every month, the Guide-Walk by Park-Volunteer guide will be performed.

@The Guide-Walk departs at POFRO a.m. & PFRO p.m.
@The Guide-Walk takes about UO to XO minutes.
@The starting point of the Guide-Walk is in the right hand side immediately after entering through the Shinjuku-Gate at where you can find the signboard for the guided park tour.
@The participation is free of charge.
@The reservation for the Gide-Walk is unnecessary, however, there may not be always the Park-Volunteer who can speak foreign languageiEnglishj.

@Kyu-Gokyu-Sho (Old Imperial Rest HouseFImportant Cultural Property) is opened to the public on the same day (for POFOO`PTFOO) when the Guide-Walk is conducted.

@Please ask the details to the Management Office of The Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardeni03-3350-0151j.

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